Nautical Leisure Center

Considered one of the best marinas in the country.

Quality and Sophistication

Complete infrastructure for boats

Quality and Sophistication

Complete infrastructure for boats

Gastronomic Center

Some of the best restaurants in town

Convenience Stores and Facilities

Related to commerce and Service Provision

Convenience Stores and Facilities

Related to commerce and Service Provision

Infrastructure and Services

Tursim and Leisure Complex

About Us


Bahia Marina is a nautical leisure and tourism center that includes a complete infrastructure with leisure space, sophisticated shops and restaurants, and a privileged location located in the Northeastern region of Brazil, on the eastern edge of Todos os Santos Bay, in Salvador-Bahia.

Bahia Marina has a complete infrastructure to receive boats and it provides spots for permanent clients and visitors. It also has a complex of stores on nautical products and services and a gastronomic center with some of the best restaurants in the city.
Since it has a privileged location, it is considered one of Salvador postcards and an atraction for tourists who frequent the place, from where people can  enjoy a magnificent sunset in summer.
Bahia Marina is also a leisure space. Inside it, major musical events, small events, music and arts gatherings are held and it also promotes sport events, such as the Nautical Rally of Bahia held during Spring, partnership with Bahia Yacht Club and Náutica Magazine.


More than a nautical complex, one of the best harbours in
 the country and also a salvador postcard.

Stores and Services


In Bahia Marina are installed several stores specialized in commerce and services.

– Nautical services and products

– Other products and services


Marina Gourmet


Gastronomic center with sophisticated menus and comforting environments, with an overview of Baía de Todos os Santos.
Restaurant where you can taste almost all gastronomic styles you canimagine, creating authentic, unique and delicious forms so you can find out the best from “Comida di Buteco”.
  • – Working period: Monday to Wednesday, from 11am to 5pm; Thursday from 11am to 12pm; Friday and Saturday from 11am to 02am and Sunday from 11am to 8pm.
    – Wheelchairs access
    – Background music and live bands and DJs on weekends.
    – Awarded by Quatro Rodas and Trip Adviser Magazine
    – Phones: (71) 3321-5713 / 99952-5524
    – Website:
    – Facebook:

    – Instagram: @cafedoforte

Restaurant specialized in mediterranean cuisine with a seafood varied menu and special grilled steaks, besides that, a wine list with more than 300 lables. Its decoration is inspired by the 60ies and 70ies, with old pictures and objects and a convertible Porche Spyder hung on the wall. The place has capacity for 150 people in 3 different environments: deck with an overview of the sea, lounge with couchs, private areas and mezzanine for celebrations and private events.
Importing company of sophisticated wine with a variety of more than 1.200 lables from the new and old world, 700 being part of an exclusive importation. It has the biggest wine list of Bordeaux in South America. It sells wholesale and retail and count on the support of the consultant Marcelo Miller and sommelier Moises Lacerda.
  • – Work period: Monday to Friday, from 9am to 9pm; Saturday from 9am to 6pm
    – Wheelchair access
    – Phone: (71) 3032-1542/3013-1542
    – Address: Contorno Avenue, Bahia Marina.
    – Website:
Restaurant specialized in mediterranean cuisine, over the sea, with a menu that unites international flavours to the local flavour, resulting in unique and special dishes. Its name is inspired by one of the main streets in Soho, a neihborhood in New York, where we can find a great variety of different restaurants from different styles and backgrounds, which is its differential and concept. Lafayette draws attention for its bold architecture, project by DB Arquitetos and revitalized in 2008 by Adriano Mascarenhas. Inspired by the nautical style, it creates the perfect harmony between architecture and landscape. It has a wine cellar with 500 bottles and wine list with 150 labels.
Work Period:
 – Lunch
 – Monday to Thursday: from 12pm to 3pm
– Friday: from 12pm to 4pm
 – Dinner
 – Tuesday to Thursday: 6pm to 12am
– Friday: from 6pm to 1am
– Saturday and Sunday: from 6pm to 12am
– Wheelchair access
– Phone: (71) 3321-0800
– Address: Contorno Avenue, Bahia Marina
– Website:
It is a privileged place, over the sea with modern architecture, project by DB Arquitetos Office and it had its environment revitalized in 2008 by Sig Beramin, adding more value to the oriental culture. The restaurant counts on an unforgettable and relaxing view of Baía de Todos os Santos. It is an Asian restaurant focused on Japonese and comtemporary cuisine, offering dishes with mediterranean ingredients and delicacies. It is considered the most sophisticated Oriental restaurant in Salvador. Wine cellars with more than 500 bottles and wine list with 180 lables.
  • Work period:
     – Lunch
     – Tuesday to Thursday: from 12pm to 3pm
    – Friday, Saturday and Sunday: from 12pm to 4pm
     – Dinner
     – Monday to Thursday and Sunday: from 7pm to 12am
    – Friday and Saturday: from 7pm to 01am
    – Wheelchair Access
    – Background music
    – Awarded by Veja Salvador 13 times in succession.
    – Phone: (71) 3322- 4554
    – Address: Contorno Avenue, Bahia Marina.
    – Website:

Marina Environmental

On August 2012 Bahia Marina began another stage of its Environmental Education Program: an action directed to the surrounding communities and internal stakeholders held since 2007 and now extends its range. The new program goes beyond awareness about the preservation of beaches and the sea to prevent marine debris and its primary focus the community of Solar do Unhão, but also covers other stakeholders: local communities, boat owners, sailors, tradespeople and employees of Bahia Marina, and even construction workers who are building the new breakwater of the Marina .

The new Environmental Education Program, wider and a project to be implemented in stages over the next five years, is a partnership of Bahia Marina with Ethos-Humanus, a consulting company specializing in environmental education responsible, among other projects, for the Program Socio-environmental of the Shipyard Cove of Paraguaçu.

The first stage of the Program, since October 2012, includes seminars and workshops with the community of the Solar do Unhão addressing the themes: environmental history of Todos os Santos (All Saints) Bay, appreciation of the sea and its ecosystem; adequate provision of trash, information and drug war, the art of living in peace and integral health among other issues. In parallel the Program envisages a meeting of presentation to the activities and objectives.



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Bahia Marina is located on the east border of Baía de Todos os Santos, in Salvador, at an area known as “Cidade Baixa”. The nautical leisure center is located on Contorno Avenue, close to some of the most important touristic attractions in the city. It was built close to the Solar do Unhão architectural complex (registered by the National Heritage), one of the postcards in the city.

Contact us:

How to arrive:

By road: Contorno Avenue, nº 1010 – Comércio – Zip code 40.015-160

Salvador – Bahia – Brasil Phone number.: (71) 3320-8888


By sea: 12º 58’ 48’’S 38º 31’ 12’’W. Use the nautical charts 1.110 (general) and 1.101 (Salvador coast)


Baía de Todos os Santos entrance is located at latitude 13° 00’’6’ and at longitude 38º 32’’5’

Infrastructure and Services

Bahia Marina provides international standard insfrastructure to clients:


– Mooring berth – 176 thousand square meters.
– 400 spots at floating piers made of aluminum, with access control, lightning poles, electrical socket and hydrometers.
– 200 dry spots at an uncovered area with access control.
– Area for docking with 5 thousand square meters.
– Travel Lift for boat moving with capacity for 40 ton.
– SSB and VHF Radio station and WiFi signal.
– Marina Goumet, gastronomic center.
– Monitoring – 24 hours a day, with video system support.
– Parking lot with 560 spots.
– Living room for clients with cabo TV and internet access.
– Floating gas station.
– Stores for nautical services and products.




Port Authority of Bahia: (71) 3507-3777  Chanel 16 VHF
Emergencies, Salvage Bahia Marina: (71) 3320-8888
Fire Brigade: 193
SAMU(Emergency Mobile Care Service): 192
Police: 190
Brazilian Navy
Port Authority of Bahia
Municipal Government of Salvador
Brazilian Confederation of Aquatic Sports
Aratu-Maraogipe Boat Race
Brazilian Association of Ocean Sailboats
São Paulo Boat Show
Check the tide table